Donate to the ALL Ad Hoc Global Organizing Committee

The ALL Ad Hoc Global Organizing Committee is a loose network of ALLies who provide information, resources, contacts, connections, and in-person consultations for people trying to start up new locals within the Alliance of the Libertarian Left. In order to keep this thing running, we have a small annual budget — mostly for covering the costs of our online presence at and for producing printed materials to help new ALL locals get started. Once we've covered our bills, any proceeds above the minimal costs to remain solvent will be put in a fund to provide seed money for helping to organize and publicize new ALL locals — by providing them with start-up money for printing costs, for in-person meetings with ALLies from existing ALL locals, and for obtaining resources like web space and MeetUp groups.

You can make a secure online donation using PayPal.

So far your donations have covered $0.00 out of our annual budget of $4000.00.
Primary domain registration
$8.99 / year
Secondary domain registration,
$17.98 / year
Hosting and bandwidth $6 / month $72.00 / year
Total bills $98.97 / year
Seed money fund $3901.03
Total fundraising goal (2009) $4000.00